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Janome Accurate Stitch Regulator Kit 869411005

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Detailed Description

Janome Accurate Stitch Regulator Kit 869411005

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Tips for Using the A.S.R. (Accurate Stitch Regulator) System

Janome's exclusive stitch regulation system kit comes standard with the Continental M8 and is an optional accessory for the Horizon Memory Craft 9480QCP. With the added benefit of setting the sensor's sensitivity, you can adjust the regulation as your skills build.

A.S.R. Explained
Traditional Sewing and Quilting
While sewing, feed dogs work in time with the needle movements to move the fabric forward at a consistent pace. The speed of the feed dogs relates directly to the speed of the needle and presser foot. Each stitch would be the exact same size, unless the fabric was being pulled out of time with these components, such as going over a seam or bump. This system is beneficial for sewing and straight line quilting.

Free Motion Quilting
A lot of quilting is done in fun and irregular shapes that require travel in all directions, called Free Motion Quilting. This means that the feed dogs need to be disengaged, or “dropped” to be able to move the fabric in all directions. Usually, dropping feed dogs is done by a lever on the side or back of the machine, or in highest end models, this can be done in the settings menu of the screen. Once the feed dogs are dropped, the fabric can be moved in all directions to achieve any kind of quilting design.

Why the Accurate Stitch Regulator is Necessary
While Free Motion Quilting, sometimes Quilters do not move at consistent speed or pace. Quilters may naturally slow down their movement to think or maneuver a difficult shape, then speed up if they are familiar with the pattern. This can result in undesirable and inconsistent stitches. Some longer, some shorter. The Accurate Stitch Regulator reacts to the movement of the fabric and provides the same stitch length for Free Motion, Ruler Work, or Echo quilting. The A.S.R. is like training wheels for your Free Motion Quilting. This device uses an optical sensor to ensure that your stitches are the same length as you are Free Motion Quilting. The sensor reads how fast you are moving the quilt under the needle so that it can adjust the stitches to remain the same length.

Can You Outrun the Accurate Stitch Regulator?
If you move too fast or too sporadically, the sensor cannot read the motion and cannot pick up on speed. Therefore, the machine will “chirp” or “beep” at you to let you know you are going too fast. This warning sound lets you know that you need to slow down and be smoother with your movements.

Why After Market Stitch Regulators Are Not Recommended
Some brands offer after market stitch regulators that affix to machines. These after market stitch regulators are NOT recommended for use. For a stitch regulator to work properly, the sensor must pick up the movement of the fabric and communicate the speed back to the machine. This is not possible without connecting the unit to the machine. This is also why our Accurate Stitch Regulator is not compatible with older Janome models because those models do not have the technology built into the machine to communicate with the Accurate Stitch Regulator, or any aftermarket stitch regulator products

Kit Includes

  • Closed Toe Foot - Use for free motion quilting
  • Open Toe Foot - Use for free motion quilting. The front of the foot is open for better visibility of stitches.
  • Clear view - Use for zigzag free motion quilting. Use for the bumpy quilt of the echo quilting.
  • Ruler Work - Janome Exclusive use with quilting rulers to create professional-looking shapes. 

Compatible Machines

  • Janome Continental M8 Professional
  • Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9480QCP
  • Elna eXcellence 782
  • Elna eXcellence 792PRO

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