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Janome 7mm Bi-level Presser Foot 202504001

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Detailed Description

Janome 7mm Bi-level Presser Foot 202504001

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1001 Knight Avenue, Ponca City, OK 74601

Call for More Information: (580)765-9999

This foot enables sewing at a constant width from the fold of the fabric. It guides your top stitching and edge stitching perfectly. Thick materials (e.g. wool, denim, tweed) can be finished beautifully. It's also the perfect tool for bag making, which can have seveal thick seams to work with.

Main Features
Easy-to-Use Foot with Guide and Guidelines
By aligning the needle drop position with any of the 3 guidelines, it is possible to sew 1.5, 5.0. or 8.5mm from the edge of the fold.

Sew in All Needle Positions
This foot has a wide needle drop hole (the same size as the standard foot) and supports needle positions from 0.0 to 9.0, so you can sew with your favorite needle positions.

Can be Used with Decorative Stitches
You can also enjoy creating many pieces of work with decorative stitches. It's recommended that you always perform this on a scrap piece first.

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