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Laurastar Smart 1980 Gold Ironing System

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Laurastar Smart 1980 Gold Ironing System

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1001 Knight Avenue, Ponca City, OK 74601

Call for More Information: (580)765-9999

The new LAURASTAR Smart 1980 is a special edition of our most popular Smart U ironing system and features all of Laurastar’s state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to its beautiful matte gold color, it comes with a neoprene storage bag which is great for protecting it from dust and scratches. Also, included is a special 1980 ironing board cover.

Main Features

Dry Microfine Steam
Laurastar DMS (Dry Microfine Steam) guarantees you a perfect result in half the time, treating fabrics gently by delicately plumping them and providing a hygienic effect at the heart of fibers that kills 99.999% of bacteria and 100% of dust mites through the simple act of ironing. Performance, care, and hygiene are due to steam that doesn’t leave your clothes wet and works 15 times faster than steam from standard steam generators.

Active Board
Featuring a vacuum and fan system, the Laurastar active ironing board protects fabrics, while breathing new life into your clothing. The fan system automatically holds the fabric in place on the board and creates an air cushion to prevent the formation of creases. The vacuum feature makes it easier for clothing to stay flat on the board, making it easy to iron creases out.

Active 3D Soleplate
To ensure your clothes remain beautiful, Laurastar created the 3D active soleplate. This exclusive feature offers unrivaled ironing in a single movement due to the surface of the soleplate that holds the fabric in place while steam is distributed over its entire surface to effortlessly eliminate creases. The fibers are thoroughly refreshed.

The Sensteam technology senses the movements you make with the iron and activates the steam automatically. There’s no longer a need to press any buttons. Just start moving and steam will be released. It’s never been so easy to get such beautiful results.

Pulse Steam
Although acknowledged around the world as the Swiss specialist in ultra-fine and powerful steam, Laurastar never stops innovating. Laurastar’s latest high-end models are equipped with pulsed steam, the ultimate finishing touch to take care of your clothing. Diffused through a series of intermittent bursts, pulsed steam ensures an optimum amount of steam for perfect results, regardless of the color or fabric of your clothing.

With Bluetooth technology, your ironing system connects to the mobile app and coaches you on how to iron and beautify your clothes. Three types of video tutorials offer assistance: help with installation, basic ironing techniques, and provide expert advice to iron silk, cotton or wool.

Single Temperature
After having conducted studies in our laboratories, we have determined the ideal temperature for ironing. No more adjustments! Your Laurastar Smart or Lift Xtra will  automatically reach the ideal temperature for all your fabrics.

Removable Water Tank
You’ll be able to add water without interrupting your ironing.

Integrated Wheels
Equipped with two pairs of wheels, your Laurastar SMART can be moved around easily from one room to the other.

Practical Cover
The graphic lines featured on the ironing board cover helps to guide you to neatly fold your clothing into perfect stacks in your closets.

Fold-up Iron Rest
The fold-up iron rest extends your working surface, allowing you to make the most out of your ironing board.

Safe Storage Space
The iron’s storage space is heat-resistant, allowing you to put away your iron while it’s still hot, immediately after you’ve used it.

Basic Features

  • Constant steam pressure, 3.5 bars
  • Device power: 1500 W
  • Aluminum iron soleplate, brushed finish
  • Iron rest
  • Tank capacity: 40.5 ounces
  • Water level visible
  • Tank empty light
  • Tank handle


  • Dimensions of the surface: 49.2 x 16.5 in
  • Dimensions when folded (H x L x W) 53.9 x 16.7 x 8.6 in
  • Dimensions when unfolded (H x L x W) (32.7 – 40.9) x 16.7 x 8.6 in
  • Height adjustable: 32.7 – 40.9 in
  • Length of electric cable: 7.5 ft
  • Length of steam cord: 6.9 ft
  • Iron weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Total weight: 41.9 lbs.

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