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Janome Refurbished Sewist 740DC Sewing Machine

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Descripción detallada

The Janome Sewist 740DC is a really easy-to-use, fully computerized sewing machine that is packed with so many powerful features. This machine has 40 stitches for a variety of applications. Direct stitch selection is available for 20 stitches and 20 are pictured on the easy access slide-out stitch chart.  When a stitch is selected the LCD screen shows, the selected stitch, recommended foot, default stitch width, and length, which you can change to suit your requirements. The Sewist 740DC also offers a choice of 3 styles of one-step buttonholes.

Special features include pattern elongation of up to 5 times the normal length; easy set bobbin system; auto bobbin winder system no need to unthread the machine; built-in needle threader; needle up/down button; and an auto-lock stitch feature for precision locking off of stitches and patterns. The start/stop button allows you to sew without the foot control.

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Call for More Information: (580)765-9999

Main Features

40 Built-in StitchesLCD Screen and Function Keys
One Touch ButtonsFeed Dog and Drop Feed
Extra High Presser Foot LiftBobbin Winder
Top Loading BobbinFree Arm and Storage
One Step ButtonholeAutomatic Needle Threader

40 Built-in Stitches

Choose from 40 built-in stitches to complete any sewing project, from quilts to accessories. Twenty direct stitch selection buttons feature the most commonly used stitches, making them easy to select. All 40 stitches and their corresponding reference numbers are conveniently located on a pullout chart.

LCD Screen and Function Keys

The backlight LCD screen shows you the selected stitch, presser foot recommendations, the stitch length, and the stitch width. You can change all these settings with the included function keys below the LCD screen. Change your stitch selection or adjust stitch length and width with the push of a button. Also on the display is an elongation key that allows you to "stretch" your stitches up to five times their original length.

One Touch Buttons

Let the 740DC sew for you using the start/stop button. Simply unplug the foot control, place your material below the presser foot, and press start. You can adjust the speed using the built-in speed control slider. The needle up/down button puts you in control of the needle's stopping position when you press stop or let off the foot control. Setting the needle in the down position is effective when sewing around curves. The lock stitch button secures the beginning and end of each seam, preventing them from unraveling later.

Feed Dog and Drop Feed

Janome's 740DC features a 7-piece feed dog system that moves in tandem with the presser foot, ensuring a consistent fabric feed. In addition to the seven-piece feed dog that makes up the superior feed system, the superior PLUS feed system (SFS+) moves in a box motion. The drop feed feature replaces a darning plate, allowing you to disengage the feed dogs. This feature puts you in control of the fabric's mobility as you sew. Now, you can free-motion quilt unique stitch patterns on quilt tops or freehand embroidery on appar

Extra High Presser Foot Lift

The extra-high presser foot lift raises approximately 1/4" higher than a normal position. It accommodates heavy fabrics and multiple layers that standard home sewing machines struggle to sew. Sew multiple layers of denim, heavy fleece, and thick quilts with ease.

Bobbin Winder

This machine comes with an automatic bobbin winder that makes sewing a breeze. You can keep multiple bobbins on hand, so you have the perfect thread color for every project! You never have to worry about overfilling your bobbin; the machine stops when it detects that your bobbin is full and will stop spinning automatically.

Top Loading Bobbin

With the top-loading bobbin system, it doesn't take but a second to change out your bobbins. Simply drop a new bobbin into your bobbin case, pull the thread through the quick-set guide, and the machine does the rest!

Free Arm and Storage

Detach the built-in storage unit to transform the sewing bed into a free-arm sewing machine, making cuffs, hems, and circular projects more accessible than ever. Enjoy the convenience of free-arm sewing on the Janome 740DC. The removable sewing bed doubles as storage space for accessories. Pack away bobbins, presser feet, seam rippers, and more for storage or travel.

One-Step Buttonhole

Easily add elegant buttonholes to garments, accessories, and home decor items. The included automatic buttonhole presser foot creates perfectly sized buttonholes using your desired button for precise measurements. Choose from three buttonhole styles (square, keyhole, and round) to complement every project.

Automatic Needle Threader

The 740DC features a built-in automatic needle threader, taking out the guesswork, near-misses, and frustration! No more struggle threading a needle by hand! Effortlessly thread your sewing machine needle in seconds without straining your eyes, and your needle is threaded and ready to sew.

Basic Features

  • Horizontal rotary hook
  • 40 built-in stitches, 20 direct select
  • 3 one-step buttonholes
  • Manual thread tension control
  • Built-in, one-hand needle threader
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Needle up/down with down as default setting
  • 7-piece feed dog
  • Free-arm
  • Drop feed
  • Start/stop button
  • Locking stitch button
  • Easy reverse button
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Backlit LCD screen with easy navigation keys
  • Maximum stitch width: 7mm
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm
  • Hard cover included

Included Accessories

  • 1/4" Seam Foot: Top Load, 5-7mm Stitch Width Models
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot (Non Adjustable)
  • Extension Table
  • Foot Control C-1036
  • Hard Case
  • Overcast Foot M: Top Load, 5-7mm
  • Overedge Foot
  • Quilting Guide
  • Zig-Zag Foot
  • Zipper Foot

Recommended Accessories

Janome Blue Bobbins and Butterfly Bobbin Case
25 Limited Edition Janome Blue Plastic Bobbins packaged in a Janome brand Blue Butterfly motif organizer. The Janome "J" bobbin is made of a special rubber and plastic combination which allows them to better hold threads, absorb machine vibration and reduce noise.
6pc Ruler Work Kit
This six-piece template set will work perfectly with the new ruler foot for your machine! This kit is made up of six unique rulers with instructions on how to properly use each one.
Rotary Even Foot Set
The rotary foot is effective for preventing stretchy fabrics, jersey and knitted fabrics and hard to feed materials, like leather or vinyl from slipping or puckering. The foot also allows left-right tilt and its caterpillars independently grip the fabric for perfect feeding along areas where there is a height difference between the left and right sides of the needle especially when hemming thicker fabrics.
Universal Ruffler
Although at first sight, a ruffler may appear bulky and complicated, its innovative design actually makes it very easy to use. This design allows fabrics to be ruffled or pleated to the desired fullness quickly and easily and also has the capability to vary the size of ruffles.
1/4" Ruler Foot
This foot is designed specifically for ruler work: you will have more visibility with the V-shaped front, while markings on the foot will help sewers find the center point. The 1/4" cup height moves smoothly alongside the quilting ruler without allowing the ruler to slide over or under.
Flower Stitch Attachment

This attachment will allow you to easily produce unique and pretty flower designs and eyelets. Simply change the size of the circle and the stitch width and you can sew many kinds of flowers. You can also create your own unique designs by combining different types of flowers.

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