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Daylight DuoLamp LED Table Lamp

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Descripción detallada

Daylight DuoLamp LED Table Lamp

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1001 Knight Avenue, Ponca City, OK 74601

Call for More Information: (580)765-9999

Double your light and enjoy a fantastic quality of light and accurate color matching due to DuoLamp's 56 high quality LEDS. DuoLamp has a modern design and sleek finish. It has two independently adjustable shades allowing high light output over a very wide are or an intense light over a small area. Ideally suited for all hobbies, art, beauty salons, as well as reading. Use the highest setting for work and tasks and the lowest to set a comfortable mood in your family room or bedroom.

Main Features

  • Light source: LED
  • Lumens: 700
  • Lux at 30cm: 2090
  • Color temperature: 6,000 K
  • CRI: 80+
  • Energy consumption: 10.0W
  • Color: White
  • LED rated life (hours): 50,000
  • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels

Double Head With Independent Switch
The Daylight DuoLamp is a versatile table lamp that boasts double adjustable shades, giving you twice the amount of light. The flexible arm of this short lamp enables you to precisely direct the light exactly where you need it, granting you optimal control over your lighting setup. Lamp brightness: 2,090 lux at 30cm (12").

Touch Switch Dimmer
With the touch switch dimmer on our craft lamp, you have the convenience of easily adjusting the brightness. The dimmer features four different levels, giving you the flexibility to customize the lighting according to your preference or specific task requirements. Whether you desire bright and vibrant illumination or a softer, more relaxed ambiance, the Daylight desk lamp has got you covered.

Suitable for Multiple Environments
The Duo Reading Lamp from The Daylight Company is a versatile lighting solution that adapts well to a wide range of settings. Its sleek and modern design adds a stylish touch, making it an attractive choice for various environments, such as salons, tattoo studios, living rooms, craft rooms, offices, nail salons, bedrooms, home improvement projects, and more. With its multitude of useful features, this living room lamp offers practical and efficient lighting wherever it is utilized.

56 High Quality LEDs & Sturdy Base
The slim and sleek design of the office lamp enhances its stylish appeal, while delivering an exceptional quality of light. Equipped with 56 bright and high-quality LEDs, the nail desk lamp guarantees precise color matching and delivers excellent illumination for your salon requirements. It features a sturdy base for added stability. Lamp brightness: 2,090 Lux at 12. Cable length: 59.1 inches

Quality Matters
Daylight places great importance on innovation, artistic expression, and the creation of a welcoming atmosphere. They expertly combine light quality, ergonomics, and design to meticulously craft the ideal lamps for your specific tasks. Their products go beyond mere aesthetics, as they are highly functional and truly make a difference in delivering the optimal lighting conditions for you to see every detail and color with utmost precision, exactly when it matters most. Designed and engineered in the UK.


  • Height: 38.50 (15.16”)
  • Width: 43.00cm (16.93”)
  • Depth: 12cm (4.72”)
  • Weight: 0.8kg (1.7lbs)
  • Cable length: 1.5m (59.1”)

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