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Bernette Quilt Making Presser Foot Set for b08 502060.15.31

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Detailed Description

The bernette 08 Quilt Making Set is a must-have for quilt making enthusiasts. Carefully curated with a selection of presser feet, this kit is designed to enhance your quilting experience. Upgrade your sewing projects with ease using the bernette 08 Quilt Making Set.

This is a PRE-ORDER. Place your order now to be first in line to get this premium Bernette Quilt Making Set for b08 when it launches in September!

Kit Includes

Straight Stitch Foot for Fine Fabrics

This set contains two feet, one with a closed sole and one with an open-toe sole, and a darning plate to accommodate a variety of free-motion quilting and stitching applications. Due to the adjustment dial, the height of the foot can be adjusted to match the thickeness of the project.

  • Closed Sole Foot - for easier gliding over the project surface
  • Open Toe Foot - provides better view to the needle area for precise free-motion work.
  • Darning Plate - bypasses the feed dog and guarantees a smooth movement of the project without snagging.

Free Motion Quilting Sole Set for Quilt Frame

These additional free motion soles are compatible with the Adjustable Free-motion Quilting Foot.

  • 1/4" Ruler Foot Sole - this sole allows you to sew along 1/4" high Plexiglas rulers to create decorative quiltg designs such as lines, feathers, circles, etc. This sole has an outer diamter of 1/2" so th enet distance from the needle to the edge of the sole 1/4".
  • Open Toe Frame Quilting Foot Sole - this sole provides a better view on the needle while stitching on a quilting frame.

Patchwork Foot with Guide

This foot is ideal for quilt piecing with exact seam allowances of 1/4". The fabric edges can either be guided along the foot edge or the guide, facilitating piecing with precision.

Edgestitch Foot

This presser foot with a center guide facilitates topstitching along edges, hems and pleats. It's also helpful for sewing on lace or tapes, and for reinforcing edges. The guide helps you achieve flawless seams and hems that run parallel to the edge.

Adjustable Guide

The Adjustable Seam Guide attaches around the presser foot shaft and works with several presser feet. There are two adjustment screws allowing you to slide the guide along the ruler rail, up to 1.5" to the right of the needle, to guide sewing along an edge or a previous row of a stitching.

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