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Designs in Machine Embroidery MH00061
Designs In Machine Embroidery DIME Magna Hoop Jumbo 8x8" Version J-EQ for Brother & BabyLock MH00061
Your Price: $119.99

Detailed Description

For a limited time: Receive a multi-format embroidery design CD containing 1000+ designs and fonts as a free gift with purchase.
PLUS FREE 3-Day Delivery for our USA customers
AND FREE WORLDWIDE standard shipping for our international customers.


Brother Quattro  6000D
Brother Quattro 3 6750D
Brother Quattro 2 6700D
Baby Lock Ellisimo BLSO
Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold
Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold 2

Conquer hooping challenges forever with this money-saving embroidery tool! With Magna-Hoop™ Jumbo, you can easily embroider hard-to-embroider items like cuffs, collars, flaps, velvet, silk and leather without any stabilizers or adhesive sprays. 

Magna-Hoop Jumbo Features: 

  • Large embroidery area for towels, pant legs, belts and linens
  • Stitch continuous borders on sheets, drapes, and quilts in a snap
  • No need for adhesive stabilizers and sprays
  • Machine quilt with speed and precision
  • Reduce hooping time! 

Each Magna-Hoop Jumbo Kit Includes: 

  • One metal base plate 
  • Three (3) acrylic frames 
  • Large rectangle 
  • Medium rectangle 
  • Narrow rectangle 
  • Four (4) industrial-strength magnets 
    • Two (2) 4mm
    • Two (2) 6mm
  • 45+ minute instructional CD 
  • Printable reference manual on CD
  • Adhesive gripping strips 
  • Target Stickers™

How can you promote a product utilizing magnets on a computerized embroidery machine? Isn't that dangerous? 

Extensive research has shown that the position of the magnets on our magnetic hoops does not cause any damage to computerized embroidery machines. The metal frame absorbs the electromagnetic pull which, while strong enough for hooping, is not strong enough to pass through this field. Most commercial machines do not even have magnetic fields in the lower arm assembly. 

The use of magnets in this application has been thoroughly tested with no adverse effects. Additionally of all the magnetic hoops we've sold, there has not been a single report of any problem which was caused by magnets properly placed on the hoops. 

However, magnets CAN damage magnetic computer data; therefore, use caution. Do not put them in direct contact with diskettes or memory sticks. Some design cards are susceptible as well. To be on the safe side, watch where you put your magnets! 

We do not take responsibility for damaged diskettes, memory sticks, design cards or other media that is damaged due to user error.

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