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World Weidner SA155
Size L/ SA155/ ESG-BOB Embroidery/Sewing Bobbins (50)
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Detailed Description

50 highest quality plastic sided embroidery bobbins for many embroidery/sewing machines!

Size / Style "L" - same as Brother SA155


Babylock BL2100 Babylock BL2150 Babylock BL6000 Babylock BL6150 Babylock BL6200 Babylock BL6600 Babylock BL6700 Babylock BL7500 Babylock BL8000 Babylock BL8500 Babylock BL9500 Babylock EM1 Babylock EM1 Babylock EM2 Babylock EM2 Babylock ES1 Babylock ES2 Babylock ESE Babylock ESE Babylock ESG Babylock ESG2 Babylock ESG2 Babylock ESG3 Babylock ESG3 Babylock ESL Babylock ESN Babylock ESN Babylock ESN Babylock ESP Bernina 500 Deco Bernina 600 Deco Brother 845 Brother B349 Brother B351 Brother B352 Brother CS-8072 Brother Espree Brother PC1000 Brother PC2800 Brother PC3000 Brother PC4000 Brother PC5000 Brother PC6000 Brother PC6500 Brother PC7000 Brother PC7500 Brother PC8000 Brother PC8200 Brother PC8500 Brother PE100 Brother PE150 Brother PE150V Brother PE180D Brother PE200 Brother PE300S Brother PE400D Brother PE8200 Brother PE8500 Brother PS1000 Brother PS1250 Brother PS1700 Brother PS1750 Brother PS1800 Brother PS1900 Brother PS1950 Brother PS2100 Brother PS2200 Brother PS2300 Brother PS2500 Brother Super Galaxie 2100 Brother Super Galaxie 3000 Brother ULT2001 Brother ULT2002 Brother ULT2002D Brother ULT2002D Brother ULT2003 Brother ULT2003D Brother ULT2003D Brother XL3000 Deco 500 Deco 600 Riccar R3100 Riccar R3200 Riccar R550 Simplicity SE3 White 3100 and many more!

Please refer to your instruction manual to verify the correct size needed for your machine and model

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