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Designs in Machine Embroidery TNS1001
Designs In Machine Embroidery DIME Stitcher's Trim & Snip
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Detailed Description

Whether you're a home embroiderer enjoying your hobby or running a home embroidery business—the right tools make all the difference! The Stitcher's Trim & Snip Kit features premium quality tools all in a convenient storage kit.

The Stitcher's Trim & Snip Kit Includes:

  • 4” Scissors: Large rings provide comfortable finger and thumb access for making small precise cuts. High grade German stainless steel blades with razor sharp edges perform flawlessly.
  • 5 1/4” Scissors: Great for your mid-to-large cutting needs for sewing, quilting and embroidery. These 6” sharp point trimming scissors are made of high grade German stainless steel blades with razor sharp edges.
  • Sharp Metal Pointer: Use the ultra-sharp point stiletto instead of your finger for dozens of sewing/embroidery tasks such as appliquéing in the hoop, joining lace, machine ribbon embroidery, pressing small items and guiding fabric under the needle. When stored, the pointy tip screws into the protective handle and is easily assembled for use.
  • Thread Snips: These super lightweight and easy to use scissors are ideal for trimming loose threads or jump stitches on hooped embroidery. The narrow curved blade makes it easy to trim hard to reach or tight areas that standard scissors are too large to handle. Plus the spring-like action makes these scissors pain-free for anyone with arthritis. Convenient for left or right handed users.
  • Applique Scissors: Protect your base fabric when trimming appliqué. Slide the ½” wide duck bill between the appliqué fabric and base fabric to make clean precise cuts.
  • Opposable Tweezers: Unlike traditional tweezers that can strain the fingers with prolonged use, these tweezers are self-closing and feature an angled tip. Hold items securely then squeeze the handles to release the items. These reverse tweezers are ideal for use with hard to grasp items like beads, crystals and other small embellishments.
  • Convenient storage case

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